BloomCON – Sponsorship Information


The fifth BloomCON Forensics and Security conference will be held March 27-28, 2020 in Bloomsburg, PA (USA). We are now officially accepting sponsorship applications for the event. The event will feature a number of speaking and workshop tracks, villages, and pre-conference workshops. Some additional things we have planned include:


-Lock picking

-Hardware hacking

-Internet of Things

-Car hacking

Networking party


-Drone Hacking and Flight Control (see DroneWars.bloomu.edu)

-Lock picking

-Social engineering

-Digital forensics

-WiFi hacking

-Capture the Flag


The event will be held on the Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania campus. We are inviting attendees from other universities in the region and also expect some forensics and infosec professionals from the Northeast USA as well. Bloomsburg has around 230 digital forensics majors, the majority of which will likely attend this event. Universities as far as 400 miles away have expressed interest in attending as well. The first BloomCON attracted 331 attendees and the second about 500. The third BloomCON attracted approximately 650 attendees and we are able to accommodate over 1000 in our venue this year as we are moving to the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds. For these and other reasons we anticipate a large percentage of attendees will be seeking entry-level employment and internships within the industry. This should be a great opportunity for companies wanting to hire the best and brightest.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship is available at the following levels:

Diamond $5000:

-Listed as a diamond sponsor in all event materials

-VIP access and swag

-Largest booth space (if desired)

-Up to ten free badges

Platinum $2500:

-Listed as a platinum sponsor in all event materials

-VIP access and swag

-Larger booth space (if desired)

-Five free badges

Gold $1500

-Listed as a gold sponsor in all event materials

-Standard booth space (if desired)

-Four free badges

Silver $1000

-Listed as a silver sponsor on website

-Standard booth space (if desired)

-Three free badges

Bronze $500

-Listed as a bronze sponsor on website

-Standard booth space (if desired)

-Two free badges

Copper $200 (non-profits only)

-Listed as a copper sponsor on website

-Standard booth space (if desired)

-One free badge

In addition to sponsorship at these levels, we are also looking for a sponsor for the Networking party which will occur on March 27th or 28th. Ask us for details if you are interested in sponsoring this event.

Conference Organization

The conference is being run by the Bloomsburg University Digital Forensics Club. This club is a hub of activity for the university’s digital forensics majors. There are currently around two hundred thirty such majors.


To ensure that sponsors are properly listed in conference materials, sponsorship contracts and funds should be received no later than February 15, 2020.
Sponsorship contracts and funds will be accepted up until March 16, 2020, but the conference cannot guarantee the sponsor will be listed in all materials, especially any apparel which might be produced.

Online Sponsorship Payment

For your convenience, you may pay for your sponsorship online at https://itspersonal.bloomu.edu/donate/bloomcon-sponsorship-donation-form


Contact Dr. Phil Polstra, Professor, Digital Forensics via e-mail at ppolstra@bloomu.edu to discuss sponsorship opportunities.