Talks / Presentations

10:00amKeynote Speaker
11:00amBlame it on the Domain: A DNS Word Segmentation Story Matthew Seligman
11:30amIndustrial Control System Security: Protecting the Systems that Control our World Michael Sitler
1:00pmMalware and More: A Look into Windows Memory Tarah Melton
1:30pmBypassing AV using simple tools Joe Yurkunas
2:00pmBypassing AV using simple tools Joe Yurkunas
2:30pmBeginner’s Guide to Mobile Applications Penetration Testing Whitney Phillips
3:00pmMacOS: Forensics Artifacts and Techniques that are Essential for Mac Investigations Trey Amick
3:30pmVirtualBox Forensic Artifacts Austin Pasquel
4:00pmFrom Idea to Badge: Getting Started & Finished with badge making David Schwartzberg

David Schwartzberg
David Schwartzberg is a Senior Security Consulting Systems Engineer at Cisco Cloud Security. David is a regular speaker at conferences such as, GrrCON, he has also presented at THOTCON, OWASP AppSec, BSides, Black Hat Arsenal, DerbyCON, (ISC)2 Congress and SC Congress. Davis is also the founder and organizer Hak4Kidz.

From Idea to Badge: Getting Started & Finished with badge making
Hacker and maker conference badges have evolved beyond the laser printout of a name on a piece of paper in a plastic sheath. Attendees are looking for something memorable and engaging. In some cases, art has evolved into a multi-dimensional visual and intellectual experience. Going from idea to badge can be a daunting and for some, an impossible task. Dave will be providing an overview of his lessons learned making the Hak4Kidz digital badge for 2019, and prior badges. For example, how to get started and controlling scope creep. In addition to going over how to actually build and prototype your badge, we’ll also touch on the soft skills required to actually make it through the mass production process. Anyone curious about how event badges are created or looking to get started with one, this talk is for you.

Additional Events:

Drone Hacking Classes, hosted by the Army (1-hour blocks) Nerf Rocket Classes, hosted by the National Guard (1-hour blocks)

Saturday March 28th

10:00amAudit and You! How to Win, Win, Win! Stacey Banks
10:30amNetwork Threat Hunting with ELK Ben Tice
11:00amTelling the Digital Story Using Connections and Timeline Tarah Melton
11:30amThe Adventures of Analyzing Old Malware with New Computers Korey Young
1:00pmMining Technical Debt for Fun and Profit – How Cybersecurity and Privacy Issues Impact Valuation for Investors Alex Muentz
1:30pmTropical Spy: a brazilian hacks Marina Ciavatta
2:00pmExcel: The Universal Analyzer David Pany – @davidpany Jake Nicastro – @nicastronaut
3:00pmDionysus Rose Sharing is Caring: The Importance of Cyber Threat Intelligence and Sharing Communities in Today’s Enterprise Environments
3:30 pmVideo Game Hacking & Prevention 101 KAT MAHONEY
4:00pmDistributed File Systems Forensics Charles Pearsall
4:30pmCaptain Seah Smith U.S. Army National Guard PAARNG
5:00pmClosing Remarks

Additional Events:

BloomCON Workshops

Location: Bloomsburg Fairgrounds

Day Time Speaker

Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm Drone Hacking

Friday 11:00am – 3:00pm Cyber Wi-Fighter Hacking Event

Saturday 10:00am – 11:30am Hacking Yourself First, Penetration Testing for the Blue Team

Saturday 10:00am – 4:30pm Robotics

Saturday 10:00am – 4:30pm Lock Picking Village

Saturday 1:00pm – 4:30pm Drone W


-Lock picking

-Hardware hacking

-Internet of Things

-Car hacking

Networking party

-Friday evening

Dual Core performing at networking party!


-Drone Hacking and Flight Control (click for more information)

-Lock picking

-Social engineering

-Digital forensics

-WiFi hacking

-Capture the Flag